Empowering Erie County's Nonprofits
ECGRA turns gaming revenue into transformative investments in nonprofits and small businesses, igniting economic and community development in Erie County, Pennsylvania


Erie County's Impact Investor

Founded in 2008, the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority was created to administer municipal grants and serve as the main driver of economic development in Erie County. Today, it’s expanded its focus to impact investments at every level of community — from schools to small businesses to neighborhoods to municipalities — intended to uplift not only the regional economy, but also its society, culture, and environment. 


Events in Erie 2022
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Recent Grants

ECGRA awards grants to small businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities throughout the year, funded by gaming revenue dollars. Explore recently awarded grants or apply for upcoming grants to learn how we might change your future.

Renaissance Block
Open: Apr. 20, 2022
Close: Jun. 4, 2022
Awarded: Jun. 16, 2022
Building a Better Future
Open: Apr. 26, 2022
Close: Jun. 30, 2022
Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grants
Open: Apr. 26, 2022
Close: Jun. 30, 2022