The numbers speak for themselves. 

More than $55 million in Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority impact investments and grants are at work across Erie County, Pa. There isn’t a corner of the county that isn’t touched by ECGRA grant money—improving Erie’s economic and community development forecast.

Yet, we’re asked time and time again why ECGRA, an economic development authority, is in the business of using gaming funds for grantmaking and impact investing in Erie County, Pa.

The answers to that question, in our opinion, are simple:

It's About People.

Downtown North East First Fridays, expERIEnce Children’s Museum roving art carts, Box of Light Studios STEM education, the Albion Area Fair events and facilities, Flagship Niagara League maritime history programs—these are just a few of the exceptional Erie County events, programs, and services made possible with Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority grants.

ECGRA Lead Assets, Community Assets, Special Events, and Human Services collectively represent more than $22 million of ECGRA grant money hard at work improving quality of life for residents and visitors alike. These ECGRA grantees promote well-being, foster civic pride, drive tourism, and attract and retain talent—helping to make Erie a remarkable place to live and play for each of us. 

It's About Place.

Just under $21 million in Erie County, Pa., gaming funds are reinvigorating neighborhoods, boosting buy-local efforts, combating blight, and fueling collaboration.

Take a walk down your neighborhood main street and you’ll see Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority impact investments at work. ECGRA Mission Main Street Grants and neighborhood and community development projects are helping preserve historic structures, foster small business growth, increase population, and promote tourism countywide.

ECGRA grants also improve Erie’s safety, human services, public facilities, and infrastructure. ECGRA Local Government Development investments and Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grants cultivate progress and functional cooperation among Erie County’s 38 municipalities improving the places residents and guests visit most often from North East to Girard to Corry.

It's About Progress.

The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority has invested over $12 million to spur Erie County business growth and buttress Erie youth and education initiatives.

ECGRA’s Ignite Erie™ improves Erie’s economic outlook through impact investments in three key areas: inner-city small business development; industry+university collaborations for business acceleration; and business financing. Ignite Erie partners are inspiring entrepreneurs, advancing business concepts, uncovering local and global market opportunities, creating jobs, renewing neighborhoods, and leveraging private investments. All the while, ECGRA’s Youth & Education grantees provide skills and job training for youth and displaced workers, connecting them with the Erie County, Pa. employers who need qualified employees most.

Whether you make Erie your home or vacation destination, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority impact investments and grants have improved something you love in Erie County, Pa.

To read our latest annual report, click here. To apply for an ECGRA grant, click here.