Anchor Building Program

The Anchor Building Grant Program is an adaptive re-use funding porgram.  Anchor Building provides funding to enable local goernments, 501(c)3 non-profits, and municipal authorities to strengthen a community, neighborhood, or commercial district by redeveloping, enhancing, and preserving an underutilized or vacant building that has the potential to serve as a catalyst for greater investment and commercial or social activity.

Most often, historic buildings located in the heart of the community are anchor buildings with instrinsic historical, architectual, and/or social qualities that make places special or unique.  Similarly, these buildings can be adaptively re-used due to the quality of original contruction, location, and/or suitability for new uses.  Unfortunately, communities find that these older buildings are difficult to re-use due to construction costs relative to new building codes, lack of financial resources, or appraisal values that do not support local lenders making an investment.

ECGRA funding can serve as a vital part of the financing structure to bridge the gap, boost the real estate market, assist in developing equity, and enhance the quality of place.

Minimum request of $25,000 per application.  Up to $100,000 awarded per application.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

     •  an IRS-designated 501(c)3 or a municipal authority

     •  Headquartered in Erie County

     •  In good standing with the IRS and state and local taxing bodies

     •  In good standing with ECGRA's reporting requirements to date

     •  Requires a 1 - 1 cash match

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