Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grants

Open: April 26, 2022  •  Close: June 30, 2022

The Multi-Municipal Collaboration Grants were launched in 2012 to catalyze functional cooperation among Erie County’s 38 municipalities and to support economic growth and vibrancy in the community. In the creation of the grant requirements, ECGRA Executive Director Perry Wood worked closely with leaders from councils of governments, county authorities, and intergovernmental associations to educate them about the grant and to help coordinate the provisioning of services. The outcome: ECGRA initially invested a total of $346,648 among 28 municipalities and seven authorities, nonprofits, and intergovernmental agencies that now creatively cooperate and coordinate with one another on projects, including technology implementation, composting and recycling upgrades, structural and public safety improvements, and historic preservation.  

Designed to catalyze functional cooperation among Erie County's 38 municipalities.

Up to $100,000 awarded per application; $238,350.00 was awarded in the 2017 funding cycle.

Eligibility Criteria for Primary Applicant & Collaborating Entity(ies)

  • A 501c3, municipality, or authority
  • A minimum of two municipalities collaborating in the project
  • Headquartered in Erie County
  • A 1-to-1 cash match

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Multi-Municipal Collaboration Resources